Saturday, April 30, 2005

Post Production On Gonk Begins!

Peter Jackson editing Gink Gonk.

One of Pete's favourite filmmaking processes is Editing. On the Lord Of The Rings, he applied the complicated and entirely risk-free process of Digital Editing. Now, for Pete, there really is no fun at all in that, so he has reverted to the good old fashion process of splicing and taping. Somewhat time consuming and expensive, Peter is now in his element, with mountains of unfurled film piling up around him.

Sequencing the scene edits for Gink Gonk.

Unless you have your fingers on every canister, there is a very real danger that the odd Jack Black footage or that bit of Naomi Watts will get left out of all the hullabaloo, scattered upon the cutting room floor. Unfortunately, Pete's decided to cut out some of my own fine work. God only know's why!


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