Monday, December 05, 2005

EXCLUSIVE: Photographs From The World Premiere Of Gink Gonk

As many of you already would have heard, the "other" major premiere happening this month is the release of 'Gink Gonk'. While Peter is embroiled in the media frenzy in New York, our crew and performers have been overwhelmed by the crowds and media attention we have received in Ulaan Bator, Mongolia, where 'Gink Gonk' has been released. I know that many of you are desperate to see shots from the premiere, so I am happy to share some with you. It was certainly a bigger event than "that" other bash!

The entertainment was spectacular.

Movie geeks arrive from all corners of Mongolia.

Preparations for the big night.

A local official begins the celebrations by singing a Sinatra number.

The crowds barge in to see the epic.

Major stars in attendence; including an American expat,
working as an English teacher.


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