Sunday, December 18, 2005

GINK GONK: First Reviews From Around The World

Gonk Versus The Hamsters

"In the history of cinema, never has a beast so tawdry and cheap look so magnificently inadequate." - Lyp O. Suction, Warsaw News

"Plastic dinosaurs come to life and almost trigger our imagination." - Bellamy Horsecart, Oxford Student Express Weekly

"Gink Gonk is a film for all generations, except the elderly, middle-aged and children." - Rupert Haemorrage, The Morning Star

"Gink Gonk is terrific fun; especially when the closing titles come up." - Mary Cloptarkinpork, The Vienna Gazette

"Thumbs up when they should really be down, as I have no self-control over my digits, due to a motor-neural complaint!" - Roger Revert, Chicago Tribunal

"Fantastic! The best of the Harry Potter series!" - Akira Tachikawa, Masanori Post

"Nipples have never looked so poignant as they do on Gonk. They will make the stoniest heart weep when the light is finally extinguished from them FOREVER!" - Dolly Langlesticks, Louisiana Weekly

"Gink Gonk is a movie that will be forgotten by millions. It will stand out as a movie that will be the benchmark for movies not to be made. A true classic." - Mukubu Ralu, Mali Post

"The entrance charge was worth every penny of someone elses wallet!" - Jeffery Slumber, Washington Morning Herald

"Don't be fooled, lover boys, that this is a date movie. We were transfixed from beginning to end by Gonk's magnificent nipples. Sir Richard Karlson Ogilvy (RKO) and Andy were brilliant in there control of the mighty 60 foot marionette from within those dark nipples." - Andy Timpy, Fang Burst Magazine


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