Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gink Gonk Rapidly Rises Up The DVD charts!

A 'Gink Gonk' fan with his newly purchased DVD. The
guy was shortly arrested for running around the streets
of Tokyo naked. Enthused he must have been.

Gink Gonk is rapidly climbing up the DVD charts in Mongolia, where CDi still reigns as the media player of choice. However, even with the dominance of CDi, Gink Gonk has reached the second position on the DVD charts, after selling a staggering 526 copies nationwide. With continuing sales like this, it is not surprising that there is talk of a scaled-down sequel to quench the thirst of Gonk fans worldwide.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Gink Gonk DVD Released!

Beer Mats Included With Every DVD!
After a long wait, fans throughout Central Asia are racing to their nearby DVD stores in the hope of grabbing a copy of the newly released, Gink Gonk. The queues have been staggering, with groups of five geeky looking males loitering outside the stores for days.

Gink Gonk, the movie sensation across Uzbekistan, has yet to reach the $5,000 box office it expected in the United States. However, gradual word of mouth has brought an increased amount of interest, especially from St. Joseph's Missionary Outpost in Montana, which houses four Trappist monks.

The DVD set includes several exclusive behind the scenes documentaries, as well as a snazzy set of beer mats and jungle sunglasses (vine-rapped for those that wish to look de-vine.....get it?). These items will sell like hotcakes at comic conventions for decades to come, so you better get purchasing, before they are snapped up.