Tuesday, April 04, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Casting News For Gink Gonk Sequel

Craig Test For Gink Gonk Versus The Cosmic Brain

Daniel Craig has already signed to join the cast of Gink Gonk Versus The Cosmic Brain. The 007 star will play cockney prostitute, Mary Meadows; a role originally written for Burt Reynolds. Reynolds backed out of the project, when it was revealed that he would be required to go topless.

'We are delighted to have Daniel Craig onboard, as he is a fine actor and capable of playing the most challenging of roles,' said Gink Gonk's producer, Rudy Marshall, at a press conference in Wellington.

Already, there has been much chin-wagging across the Internet as to Craig's suitability for the role of the East End harlot.

Sir Ian McKellan recently said in defence of Craig's casting: 'A marvellous, fabulous young actor, who will bring all the sordid naughtiness required for the role. He [Craig] recently observed my performance as Widow Twanky in the pantomime, Aladdin, at the Old Vic. He said that he would use my performance as a template. Lovely boy! I am sure he will have the last laugh in the end.' High praise, indeed!

Gink Gonk Versus The Cosmic Brain will be in production at the end of the year. Expect a mammoth budget of $5,299 to be expended on this much vaunted, highly anticipated movie.